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Have a Virtual Representation of Your Company in this International Space for Companies of all Sectors


Generate new business for your company from your Virtual Office

"Imagine a Virtual Space where Companies from all over the World have an Office for direct contact with Clients and Suppliers from all over the Globe.


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A Virtual Office at CORBUSIER PLAZA will put your business in the spotlight to generate new business with infinite possibilities, without borders

CORBUSIER PLAZA is a digital Skyscraper that provides Virtual Offices and Marketing and Advertising services for Companies from all countries and sectors to generate new business in their region, and anywhere in the world.

Facilitate access to your Company, including it in our Space.

Obtain New Clients

Structure business with Companies from Different Countries, directly from their virtual Offices at CORBUSIER PLAZA

” Having the Digital Representation of your business at CORBUSIER PLAZA will make it possible to be found by any person or organization, through search filters by Name, City, Country or Field of Activity. “

Virtual offices



Your company’s Virtual Office will be developed by the SELLi team from a pre-defined model, with color customization, offering the sections “About Us”, “Services and/or Products”, “Price List”, “Space for video” and “Twitter”.

*Some sections may be removed, depending on your company’s business model.


Reserve your business's Virtual Office before the timer runs out, and receive

Front desk

Virtual receptionist connected to your Company Chat.

We will develop the Chat System for Your Business if necessary.


Meeting Room for conversations by Text, or Audio and Video by Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.


Direct Access Button to your Company’s Whatsapp.


Your Company’s Virtual Office is connected to its Twitter account to display all publications made on the Social Network.

Meet the Virtual Office Model

Marketing & Advertising

Optional Service

Reserve the Virtual Office for your business before the timer runs out, and earn Promotional Credits to use SELLi's services for free for 06 months



We Analyze Your Business Model.

Online or In Person, Type of business, Region of operation.


We created Social Media Disclosure Strategies aimed only at residents of the chosen location(s) in any country where the platform operates.

Advertising material

We produce all the material for dissemination on social networks.


We publish the Material produced on the social media(s) most appropriate for your type of business.


Define how your Company wants to acquire its Virtual Office before the timer runs out, and guarantee exclusive benefits from the launch of CORBUSIER PLAZA

12 Months free

Your Company will subscribe to the Service in full (5 installments of 499 dollars, euros or pounds), and will receive 12 free months to test the service.

Payment by PayPal, without Credit Card.

Marketing Free

Your Company will carry out the Subscription using the available promotional Credits.

The credits will reduce the subscription and monthly fees (06 months), and will also cover the optional Marketing service.


Using the credits, the value of the Subscription will be reduced, the first month will be exempt from the monthly fee, the monthly fees from the 2nd month will be reduced for 06 months, and your Company will receive 3,000 Dollars, Euros or Pounds in Credits to pay for the services (optional) of SELLi Marketing for 06 months.

Promotional Credits

Try our Services

Reserve your business's Virtual Office before the timer runs out, and receive



1,496 dollars


Your organization will be able to use 1,496 dollars, to reduce the value of the signature.

Monthly fees


2,400 dollars


Your organization will be able to use 200 dollars, pounds or euros monthly, to reduce the value of the monthly fees for 12 months.

Marketing & Advertising


3,000 dollars


Reserve the Virtual Office for your business before the timer runs out, and earn 3,000 dollars, euros or pounds in Promotional Credits to use SELLi’s services for free for 06 months



Special Condition

Take advantage of Promotional Credits and request the development of your Company’s Virtual Office today


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